Ireland has extended the travel ban it imposed because of Covid-19 indefinitely. South Africa and all South American countries are most affected.

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One billion. That is the number of people who have lost their jobs to automation since machines took over the assembly line. I do not know if that number is accurate, in fact, I am certain it is not because I made it up. Something very real, however, is the perception that automated journalism is a threat to the livelihood of traditional journalists.

Eco-journalism, or journalism about the environment and climate change, intersects the fields of politics, business, science, nature and culture; it also deals with how environmental change affects individuals and the population of the planet at local, regional and global levels¹.

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The 77-year-old artist spoke to ART AFRICA in an all-encompassing conversation that touched on his origins as an artist, his favourite materials and the state of contemporary art in South Africa today

Pitika Ntuli with one of his monumental sculptures, Madiba and the Rainbow Children, 2016. Carved out of wood. Photographer: Refilwe Modise

Storm Simpson

Tales of a Tempestuous Life | Cape Town-based journalist and writer

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